Why We Are Successful?

To complement our talented team members, Gallagher & Mohan has various systematic approaches in place that aids in our success. From teams managed by seasoned real estate veterans to an infrastructure organized to maximize efficiency for clients globally, we simply know how to organize a successful offshore strategy. Our goal is to help you create a system that is highly scalable and can endure hiccups that come along the way. We are your offshore partner.

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Why G&M

Manager Team System (MTS)

Within Gallagher & Mohan there are various teams that range from about 5 – 15 team members. Each team is run by a Manager. A Manager is a seasoned professional and their role is to be a constant mentor and resource for the analysts on their team. All our clients work with their respective Analyst(s) and their Manager.
This allows for an easy transition when our clients begin working with us. At the onset, the Manager is especially hands on in making sure G&M fully grasps how the client operates their systems and processes. Then their role is ensure the Analyst continues to progress and bring value to our clients.

The Hive

The Hive is Gallagher & Mohan’s central communication center and is a vital support tool for our team. As Gallagher & Mohan continues to grow, The Hive grows along with it. It is our knowledge center and where analysts and managers can discuss questions, problems, and other real estate matters. We strongly work together as a community to help each other solve problems.
A strong analyst is not defined by knowing everything. A strong analyst is defined by being able to navigate resources and information to find answers to questions/roadblocks that they do not know. This is where The Hive comes into play.

The LID System

Learn. Implement. Document. The LID System. This is a crucial element of our service. Whenever we work with a new client we make sure we perform role documentation duties. These duties include creating How-To Tutorials, SOP’s, Checklist’s, etc. Our goal is to make future role training needs as systematic as possible.
We do this because it’s a great practice to truly understand the assigned role, but also to make sure when there is a transition of talent (either adding supplemental analysts or turnover) we are ready and prepared. This is a crucial element to making sure we are helping our clients develop a scalable offshore system.
​Through the LID System, when you work with Gallagher & Mohan you should never feel you are going back to square one.
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If you ever have any questions, feel free to give us a call.

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