Unlock the power of real-time data analysis with DataHarbor, our cutting-edge process implementation designed to revolutionize how you approach property investments.


Streamline your data collection and analysis processes for quicker and more efficient decision-making.

Cost Saving

Gain a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics and property performance.

Industry Expertise

Plan and execute your real estate strategies with confidence, backed by robust data.

DataHarbor – Mass Collection of Comparable Property Opex and Financial Performance

Gallagher & Mohan's DataHarbor is a game-changing process implementation designed to empower real estate professionals with the unparalleled ability to collect, centralize, and analyze mass amounts of relevant data for comparable properties. By harnessing the power of DataHarbor, clients can access real-time financials, rent rolls, and opex data, creating a centralized hub for comprehensive market analysis. The platform facilitates the generation of detailed reports, enabling users to cross-reference this information with their existing property portfolios. DataHarbor not only streamlines decision-making processes with efficiency and accuracy but also provides a strategic advantage by offering insights into new markets, ensuring that clients always stay ahead of changes in the dynamic real estate landscape.

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Effectively Analyze the Market with Real-Time Data

Collect Data from Marketed Opportunities
Store the Data in a Centralized Hub.
Use the Data to Run Detailed Reports
Compare the Data with Your Current Portfolio
Evaluate Potential New Markets Using Data Analysis
Stay Ahead of Ever-Changing Marketplace

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Who Benefits from DataHarbor

Commercial Brokerage Firms
Acquisition Teams
Market Research Teams
Residential Brokerage Firms
Anyone Offering Aervices to Real Estate Owners

Why Choose DataHarbor


Acquisition Team Intel

Empower your acquisition and underwriting team to have a larger view of the competing market


Asset Management Intel

Provide your asset management team the appropriate market data to spot areas of improvement within your portfolio.


Fast and Scalable

We help you setup a sustainable and highly scalable system that moves efficiently and with accuracy. We ensure the “wheels do not fall off”


Complete Integration

We integrate into your systems completely in terms of databasing and communication


Easy Implementation

Implementation is easy, our Team Managers are trained in learning your requirements and setting the system up for you


Highly customizable

The system is highly customizable. We listen to your needs, what you are looking for and adapt accordingly. No DataHarbor system ever looks the same.

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