Leverage the capabilities of Obsidian to expand your acquisitions and brokerage teams, enhancing your ability to close deals by tapping into tailored data that enables direct communication with property owners aligning with your acquisition and sourcing criteria.


Built on real estate expertise, Obsidian provides rapid and reliable data turnover.

Cost Saving

Our agility ensures quick delivery of large datasets, meeting your business demands with precision.

Industry Expertise

Flexibility is our strength - we listen to your needs and shape strategies accordingly for optimal results.

Obsidian - Off Market Property Data Collection

Obsidian transforms the landscape of real estate acquisitions with its Off-Market Property Data Collection service, driven by a dedicated team of expert Sourcing Analysts. Tailoring our approach to your unique acquisition criteria, Obsidian ensures precision in sourcing by delivering meticulously researched data on off-market properties. This comprehensive analysis empowers you to make informed decisions, providing a strategic advantage in the competitive real estate market. Beyond data collection, Obsidian goes the extra mile by curating contact information for each target, facilitating direct outreach to property owners who align with your requirements. Elevate your operations, efficiently scale your teams, and close deals with confidence, all powered by Obsidian's commitment to precision, depth, and efficiency in the world of off-market real estate.

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Close Deals Quicker and Smarter

Structured Target List Development
In Depth Learning of Acquisition / Sourcing Criteria
Build an Efficient Lead Generation Engine for Your Acquisition Team
Verified Phone Numbers, Emails, LinkedIn, and More
Complete Coordination and Time Zone Alignment with the Client
Conduct Research to Match and Identify Portfolios

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Who Benefits from Obsidian

Commercial Brokerage Firms
Acquisition Teams
Market Research Teams
Residential Brokerage Firms
Anyone Offering Aervices to Real Estate Owners

Why Choose Obsidian


Highly Customizable

We are extremely adaptable and can customize Obsidian's services to suit your unique situation.


We Move Fast

Our clients often find the research process to be excessively time-consuming when undertaken independently. With our expertise, we have mastered this process and can navigate it swiftly, ensuring efficient and rapid progress.


All Asset Classes

Our service is relevant to all real estate asset classes throughout the United States.


We Know Real Estate

As an exclusive real estate Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) provider, we possess in-depth industry knowledge. We can rapidly comprehend your goals and acquisition criteria.


Complete Integration

We seamlessly integrate into your systems and operate within US time zones to provide comprehensive support and ensure rapid response times. Consider us an integral part of your team.


Dedicated Acquisition Intel Team

Consider us your dedicated intelligence team. We furnish your acquisitions and sourcing team with real-time data, empowering them for optimal success.

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