Real Estate Financial Analysis

real estate financial analysis
Gallagher & Mohan’s real estate financial analysis division is here to help your internal investment team scale via our Indian based infrastructure. We work alongside acquisition teams and development teams to assist our clients with their real estate underwriting, market research, disposition analysis, portfolio analysis needs and more. Gallagher & Mohan has a wide array of commercial real estate underwriting expertise and experience. We have worked in virtually all the major asset class. We have experience within multifamily underwriting, retail, industrial, self-storage, land, single-family rent, hotels/resorts, offices, data centres and more.
When it comes to real estate financial modelling, our team is extremely skilled. We have experience creating financial models from scratch and also improving our client’s existing models. Also, oftentimes our clients have financial models they already use and it is our job to internalize and learn them for ongoing use. Our team is trained specifically in real estate modelling and has the strong excel and argus skills needed to accomplish the related work.
Our goal is to always go beyond just inputting numbers into a model, but instead, our analysts aim to provide our clients meaningful insights while performing their duties. We believe the numbers can tell a meaningful story in every deal and it is our job to unearth all the nuances of the transaction.

Our financial analysts come from the top universities in India and often have higher degrees/certifications such as CFA’s, MBA’s, Masters in Finance and much more. They are experienced in financial analysis activities and ready to bring their experience and energy to your team.

For all the reasons stated above, we believe we are the perfect real estate analysis outsourcing partner to help your team scale your business and ultimately allow you to close more transactions, more efficiently.

Example Areas of Utilization

  • Full Deal Underwriting Process
  • Rental Comp Research
  • Sale Comp Research
  • Market Research
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Argus Runs
  • Lease (Commercial and Residential) Audits and Abstracts
  • Tax Research
  • T12, T6, T3 Analysis
  • 3, 5, 10, 15-Year DCF Modeling
  • Replacement Cost Analysis
  • Broker Opinion of Values

  • Asset Management Duties
  • Sale vs Hold Analysis
  • Stress Test Scenarios
  • Waterfall Modeling and Calculations
  • Model Creation and/or Manipulation
  • Calling Comparable Properties and Surveying
  • Calling Brokers for Additional Information
  • Calling Local Counties and Jurisdictions for Further Information
  • Zoning Analysis
  • Best Use Scenario Analysis
  • Buy Vs Lease Scenario Analysis

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Providing the United States and Western European commercial real estate industry with economical yet premium real estate financial analysts and other vital back office support.

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