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Frequently Asked Questions

1What Time Zones do Gallagher & Mohan employees generally work?

When it comes to time zones, Gallagher & Mohan is very flexible. Most of our clients are based in the United States and Europe, therefore, it is very common for Gallagher & Mohan employees to work completely on EST and GMT time zones. However, some of our clients prefer the Gallagher & Mohan support team to work Indian Standard Time (IST) so that work can be accomplished while their onshore team rests. Gallagher & Mohan is ready to sculpt the timing of our clients’ offshore system to their needs and vision.

2What communication platforms are used for Gallagher & Mohan and client interactions?

Gallagher & Mohan is ready to completely morph to our client’s communication platforms. It is very common for our clients to completely immerse their dedicated G&M team into their Microsoft Teams, Hangouts, Slack, etc. Also, when it comes to email, sometimes our clients provide the dedicated team with emails with their domain to make communication easier and less confusing However, sometimes our clients prefer G&M to continue to use gallaghermohan.com emails. We are ready to accommodate whichever makes the most sense for each situation.

3As a client, how often do I interact with the Gallagher & Mohan team?

The amount of interaction completely depends on the vision of the client. We are ready and willing to adapt. Some of our clients hold multiple daily meetings and some of our clients prefer a much more hands-off system. Either way, we are ready for live support as needed. All Gallagher & Mohan employees are supplied US telephone numbers.

4What are the backgrounds of Gallagher & Mohan employees?

Gallagher & Mohan has three divisions: Real Estate Financial Analysis, Real Estate Accounting and Real Estate Graphic Design. The background of the Gallagher & Mohan employee depends on the division they are hired for. However, in all circumstances, Gallagher & Mohan hires from top universities and institutions in India. But even more importantly, we look for talent that is highly engaged, ambitious, excellent communicators and possesses strong problem-solving capabilities. When it comes to financial analysis, our analysts have extremely strong Excel financial modeling skills, financial oriented backgrounds (PE, Banking, Financial Analyst, etc.), and possess the commonsense element that is especially important in real estate. When it comes to the Accounting Division, our accounting analysts have previous backgrounds of performing accounting functions and they preferably have experience interacting with international clients outside of India. Within the Graphic Design divisions, our designers have a very strong skillset when it comes to InDesign, PowerPoint, Adobe and more. Overall, Gallagher & Mohan understands the importance of hiring top talent and takes a rigorous hiring approach to staff its needs.

5What are the main benefits of establishing a real estate offshore system?

There are numerous benefits for a real estate company to establish an offshore system. The main ones that stand out to us are the capabilities to save significant costs when it comes to staff augmentation and that it helps our clients clear bottlenecks and ultimately reach scale. Also, an offshore system helps our clients retain their existing onshore staff by offshoring some of the heavy lifting tasks. Gallagher & Mohan is here to help our clients establish a real estate tailored offshore system so they can take advantage of the US-Indian labor price arbitrage without sacrificing quality.  We want our clients to create a system that empowers their onshore team to accomplish more work, more efficiently and focus on the highest value tasks such as sourcing opportunities, closing deals, raising capital and more. We want to be the natural alliance our clients need as they continue to grow.

6How is the Real Estate Financial Analysis division generally utilized?

The Financial Analysis Division is usually split between two of our clients’ focuses: Acquisitions and Asset Management. When it comes to Acquisitions, our team supports their internal teams with deal underwriting, market research, rental comps, sales comps, tax research, broker calls, demographic analysis, model creation, waterfall analysis and much more. Within Asset Management, G&M aids in performing various existing asset analysis, performance analysis, modeling value-add opportunities, potential disposition scenarios, GP and LP waterfall distributions and more. On both sides, the Gallagher & Mohan analyst is always prepared to work on ad-hoc projects, and other tasks that come up that are out of the ordinary day to day. Overall, the service is highly flexible and can be molded to what the client wants to establish.

7How is the Real Estate Financial Accounting division generally utilized?

The Accounting Division is composed of individuals who have strong backgrounds of performing accounting related tasks in a real estate setting. We perform tasks that are on the property level and support company level accounting needs. The accounting team has a plethora of experience with all the major real estate accounting software’s such as Yardi, AppFolio, MRI, QuickBooks, Property Matrix and more. The accounting teams helps with daily deposits, journal entries, balance sheet review, monthly reporting, fixed assets review, AP processes, process invoices, vendor payments, bank reconciliations, P2P processes, PO processes and much more.

8How is the Real Estate Financial Graphic Design division generally utilized?

The Graphic Design Division is here to help our clients create a smooth operating marketing system that is scalable and efficient and can shift depending on the assignment. Generally, where our clients utilize us is with the creation of offering memorandums, equity decks, PPMs, interior photo editing, social media, leasing flyers, and much more. We established this division because no matter if you are in brokerage, private equity, development, or consulting there is a never-ending need of creating packages that are clean, appealing, and professional looking.  

9How does Gallagher & Mohan ensure client satisfaction?

Gallagher & Mohan is deeply committed to bringing top notch customer support. When we start with a new client, we like to establish a weekly check-in call to make sure your offshore system is being developed to your expectations and visions. Then we like set up a recurring call indefinitely to discuss strategy and how improvements can be implemented. Besides these times, your Account Executive are always there to answer any questions and queries you may have. Also, part of our success, is because all of our analysts are supported by seasoned managers and team members that help them when they get stuck.

10How does Gallagher & Mohan handle potential turnover and talent transitions?

Part of our service is making sure our clients are creating a robust offshore system that can withstand any hiccups along the way. Gallagher & Mohan has many procedures in place to handle potential turnover. One of which is the LID System (Learn. Implement. Document). With the LID System, we make sure to thoroughly document all processes that are transferred to Gallagher & Mohan. This documentation includes step by step SOPs, video tutorials and more. The LID System is overall a great process to also make the client’s offshore system becomes more scalable in nature. Beyond the LID System, Gallagher & Mohan makes sure the knowledge transfer is spread out amongst the overall team and not just the individual that is solely dedicated to you. Lastly, Gallagher & Mohan is almost always hiring. We always have a bench of ready, capable, and enthusiastic employees ready to step up at a moment’s notice.

11What type of training does Gallagher & Mohan provide their employees?

All three divisions (Financial Analysis, Accounting and Graphic Design) have their own tailored training programs. We take our training very seriously and are continuously looking for ways to improve and enhance our process.  All the training programs have a process of intense video training sessions, live manager training periods, live shadowing of existing accounts and case studies that are presented to senior leadership. Of course, all the training programs are specifically tailored to the real estate investment industry.

12When it comes to financial analysis, what financial models does Gallagher & Mohan generally use?

There is a lot of flexibility with the models that are used for the financial analysts’ day to day job function. However, in most instances, our clients already have internal, proprietary models and wish Gallagher & Mohan to learn and absorb these said models. We have lots of experience of doing this and we are perfectly comfortable learning new models, no matter the complexity. However, sometimes, our clients need us to create models from scratch or highly manipulate their existing models. This is one of our strong suits and we are well equipped to help you with this as well.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to give us a call.

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