Corporate Real Estate

Corporate Real Estate
Gallagher & Mohan knows how important real estate can be for corporations outside of the real estate investment arena as well.

Our Corporate Real Estate Division’s goal is to help office and industrial occupiers, retailers, etc create efficient systems to properly perform due diligence on all their real estate needs. Gallagher & Mohan can help with site selection, buy vs lease scenario, lease abstracts, logistical analysis, demographic analysis and more.
We work alongside internal corporate real estate divisions who are looking for real estate outsourcing services to help them accomplish more work, more efficiently. Real estate is a major cost for virtually every business, and Gallagher & Mohan’s corporate real estate outsourcing services are here to help our clients make intelligent decisions for risk mitigation and ultimately cost savings.
Gallagher & Mohan’s outsourcing real estate services can help your internal team scale your procedures in a cost-effective and easy manner. We only focus on commercial real estate outsourcing, and we know the business, the terminology and the level of quality that is expected in our industry.

Our goal would be to learn where your needs are, what your ultimate vision is to achieve with us and continuously work together to get there.

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Providing the United States and Western European commercial real estate industry with economical yet premium real estate financial analysts and other vital back office support.

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